About Ayungon

General Information Data
Distance from Manila 55,000 kms
Distance from Provincial Capitol (Dumaguete City) 82 kms, 7 towns from Dumaguete, 1 hr. and 40 min. by Bus
Population 49,126
Class 2nd Class Municipality
No. of Barangays 24 Barangays
    North Municipality of Tayasan
    East Tanon Strait
    West Municipality of Bindoy
    South City of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental
Ethnic Minorities Karolanos, Ata, Ita, Magahots
Principal Dialect Visayan
Major Means of Livelihood Farming, Fishing, Mining, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Government Employment
Principal Products Coconut, Mango, Banana, Rice, Corn, Sugar Cane, Abaka
Minerals Present Silica, Copper, White Clay
    Dry January-April
    Wet/Rainy May-December
    Wet/Rainy May-December
Electric Power Service Provided by NORECO 1 in 24 barangays: 8 along the highway and 16 in the mountain
Communication System Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular
Transportation Around Town: Jeepney, Motorcab, Tri-sikad, Ceres Bus, and Motorcycle
Local Financial Institutions Ayungon Multi-Purpose Agriculture Cooperative and Many Various Lending Agencies
Historical/Tourist Potentials Spanist Fort, Pagsalsalan Falls, Sook 3-stair Falls, CVRP Training Center, Mantalip Fish Sanctuary (Scuba Diving), Iniban Fish Sanctuary, Communal Forest, Mt. Kwisaw (far Mountain Climbers/Bikers), Banban Rice Fields (Agriculture )
Infrastructure Facilities Concrete Roads: 19 kms, Earth Roads: 81 kms, Concrete Bridges/Overflow, 1 Temporary Terminal, 2 Private Wharves, 1 PNP Headquarters, 1 Municipal Building, 6 Barangay Health Center, 28 Day Care Center, 30 Primary/Elem. Schools, Municipal Quadrangle, Tennis Court, New Public Market, 1 Municipal Nursery, 4 Public Cemeteries, 2 ARMY Mountain Detachment, 1 Main Health Center, 2 Irrigation Dams, CVRP Training Center (Banban), 2 Parks/Playgraound, 4 Secondary Schools, and a Basketball Court


Existing Land Use Area (Has.) % of Total Area
Total Land Area 28, 168 hectares
Built-up Areas 73 0.26%
Agricultural 15,815 56.12%
Pasture Lands 541 1.92%
Forest Land (including Coganal, open lands to be forested) 10,920 38.76%
Swampland, Fish Pond and Mangroves 69 0.25%
Duaries and Mineral Deposits 759 2.70%


Slop Classification Area Hectares
Broad Level 0-3% 1,268
Gently Sloping 3-5% 130
Gently Rolling 5-8% 889
Moderate Rolling 8-15% 4,698
Steeply Undulating 7,970
Very Steeply Slopping 25-40% 11,557
Mountainously/Hilly above 40% 1,767


Commercial Center/Activities
1. 3 Permanent Public Market
2. The barangays have “TABO” (Market Day) once a week, famous are Tampocon I, Carol-an, Nabilog-Sook Flea Market Sites
3. Rice Corn Mills, Repair-Machine Shops, Bakeries
4. PRYCEGAS LPD Depot Asia Brewer Transhipment