History of Ayungon


In the Pre-Spanish period, Ayungon was already an important settlement. The Spanish religious missionaries discovered this community in the 1800’s and was annexed to Taysan as part of the religious jurisdiction (parish) of the church. On July 12, 1924, Ayungon upon the recommendation of the Provincial Governor Enrique Villanueva, was proclaimed a municipality by Governor-General Leonard Wood through Gen. Order No. 31, s. 1924


There are several version as to how Ayungon got its name but no one that sounds fascinating to its people is the story of AYUNG, According to Dr. Temoteo S. Oracion, noted anthropologist and professor of Siliman University, during teh pre-Spanish time, a certain locality is called after the most popular person living in that place. The most popular popular person happened to be AYUNG, who was a fisherman and had a hut near the mouth of now Ayungon River. Travelers, who came mostly on foot,were always at hid hut. Thus his hut was referred as Ayung’s place. The name later was suffixed with on attached to his name the AYUNGON was born.

One version goes that when the Spaniards were exploring the area, they happened to pass by a native cutting a tree. The Spaniards might have asked the person of the place  but the native, who do not understand the language surmised they were asking for his name so he answer AYUNG and the Spaniards might have not clearly understood what he said, asked the same question again. This time the native might have thought they were asking for a tree he was cutting, which abound in the area, so he answered DUNGONAYUNG– the name of the native and the DUNGON– the name of the tree he was cutting and abundant in the area, AYUNG-DUNGON was the name of the area as coined by the Spaniards and later on evolved to AYUNGON and became its name until today. Today a DUNGON Tree can be seen at the Municipal Park as reminder of how AYUNGON gots its name.


Upon the proclamation of the Municipality of Ayungon, in 1924, the late Benito Sanchez and Timoteo Perez were respectively installed as President and Vice- President, later Timoeo Perez was succeeded by Apolonio Deguit as President. During the first political election of 1928, Julian Villanueva was elected President and later on was succeeded by Hon. Maximo Enardecido who remain Mayor when World War II broke out and up to the present, the following become the Mayors of Ayungon.

The Following were the town leaders of Ayungon:

Appointed Town Leaders
Benito Sanchez President 1924 – 1927
Apolonio Deguit President 1927 – 1928
Elected Town Leaders
Julian Villanueva President 1929 – 1939
Maximo Enardecido Mayor 1940 – 1951
Juan Taburaza Mayor 1952 – 1959
Ireneo Tubio Mayor 1960 – 1963
Martin Garol Mayor 1964 – 1967
Ricardo Garcia Mayor 1968 – 1977
Nenimico Enardecido Mayor 1977 – 1986
Martin Garol (Appointed) Officer-In-Charge 1986 – 1988
Lorenzo G. Dy Mayor 1988 – 1998
Edsel G. Enardecido Mayor 1998 – 2007
Emarie F. Agustino Mayor 2007 – 2010
Edsel G. Enardecido Mayor 2010 – Present